By | October 15, 2011

This site is about my work as a music specialist. I can’t post pictures of the people I work with, even though their images can be beautifully represented, because the Internet won’t protect people’s dignity, as you know.

So. What a way to make a living, eh? I pull up to a place. Unpack my trunk. Stack my stuff on a cart and wheel it in while people watch. Then I start strumming and singing and maybe I’ll say, “C’mon, everybody, clap you hands!” or “Janet, what a beautiful smile,” or “Brian, you know what I mean?”

Engaging everyone in the room, that’s what I shoot for.

People love songs; songs about people, places and things. Songs that start somewhere and go somewhere… or go nowhere, but create feelings, inspire ideas and understanding. Or songs that just make the body want to move or make a person want to express something.

I work with songs. I travel with them, learn them, write them, and share them with love. Groups of us have great fun making up songs about our lives and feelings, or songs that teach us something new, songs that become part of our lives.

In an average year, I work with about twenty-five groups of people, in weekly or twice monthly intervals. They’ve all come to call me “Sam ‘na-music-man.” I didn’t grow up thinking that’s who I would be someday, but it happened, and if you want to call me that I’m perfectly okay with it.

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