This was written with Peter, Norma and Betty at the Venture Best Day Program. It was just before Memorial Day and we were feeling patriotic. Norma suggested we write about George Washington and Uncle Sam. “What about having them meet?” someone said. Where? In Washington, of course. On the Potomac. Let’s make it a winter day…. and so it went. Over the course of a month, we wrote this:

“Hard Times, Good Folks” By: The Convent Rd. Songwriters

This is a result of several days with Richard, talking about his life and memories. He thinks deeply about his WWII experience and the extremes of good and bad that one can go through.

Waiting for Duty to Call – 3:16:15, 10.12 PM

This Spring, 2015, we’re doing an original production “Out of the Woods” at Camp Venture with a cast of around 15 people. Like its inspiration, “Into the Woods”, the show weaves the hard times and travels of several fairy tale characters into new plots that change their original stories and wind up teaching a lesson in kindness. The music is all original and here’s the Wolf’s song with one of our actors performing it:

Big Bad Wolf w.Ari edit and mix – 4:21:15, 2.32 PM

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