Can’t locate IO/Socket/ in @INC in Centos

I used to be engaged on Slowloris and obtained the next error throughout runtime.

[chandan@localhost Downloads]$ ./ localhost
Cannot find IO/Socket/ in @INC (
@INC accommodates: /usr/native/lib64/perl5 
/usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at ./ line 4.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./ line 4.
[chandan@localhost Downloads]$

If you happen to get an analogous error, you possibly can repair it by putting in Perl-IO-Socket-SSL in RHEL or CentOS working system.

yum set up perl-IO-Socket-SSL

In case you are utilizing CentOS 8, you need to use the next DNF command.

dnf set up perl-IO-Socket-SSL

This helped me, I hope you too.

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