How to Calculate Break Even Point (Units and Sales Dollars)

Calculating the breakeven level for an organization is essential to find out its profitability.

Should you’re a small enterprise proprietor or simply began your personal enterprise, it is essential to do a break-even evaluation. It helps you identify whether or not your small business is sustainable or not, whether or not the prices are too excessive or whether or not the princess is simply too low to achieve the break-even level on the proper time. It helps you expect the profitability, income and development of your small business.

What’s the break even level?


A break-even level for a enterprise refers to a stage the place complete income equals complete prices. At this level, your small business is just not experiencing any loss or revenue, which implies you get the identical quantity as you spend on your small business. For small companies, reaching break-even is step one in the direction of success and making the enterprise worthwhile.

A break-even level method is a crucial software for your small business. It would enable you decide when your small business will turn into worthwhile. Then you may alter your marketing strategy accordingly to attain success. It helps you expect your development and profitability, but in addition helps you promote your new product, scale back prices, keep forward of the competitors, and so on.

Calculate Break Even Factors?


There are two primary methods to calculate an organization’s breakeven level: one relies on the variety of product models offered and the opposite relies on the factors in gross sales {dollars}.

Unit-Primarily based Break-Even Factors System:

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The breakeven level is calculated by dividing the fastened prices by the promoting value per unit minus the variable prices per unit.

Break-even level (models) = fastened value ÷ (promoting value per unit – variable value per unit)

  • Mounted prices: Mounted prices embrace prices that don’t change or change little and don’t rely on the variety of merchandise offered. Examples of fastened prices for a enterprise are hire, power prices, manufacturing services and repair prices similar to promoting, PR, and so on.
  • Promoting value per unit: It’s the promoting value of every product that the shopper has to pay to buy the product.
  • Variable value per unit: Variable prices discuss with prices that change often. These prices are straight associated to the manufacturing of the product and embrace the price of hiring labor or the fabric used. Variable prices are calculated by dividing complete variable prices by complete models produced (complete variable prices ÷ complete models produced).


Let’s take an instance to raised perceive the breakeven level method and easy methods to calculate it.

Neil owns a protein complement firm that desires to introduce a brand new taste. Earlier than launching this new taste, he desires to find out the affect it is going to have on his firm’s funds. So he determined to calculate the breakeven level to seek out out if it was well worth the funding.

Mounted prices = $2400

Variable prices = 0.50 (per merchandise produced)

Sale value = $2

Breakeven Level = $2400/($2 – $0.50) = 1600

Which means that Neil must promote 1600 gadgets to interrupt even.

Break-Even Factors System Primarily based on Gross sales {Dollars}:

break even point bep trading

It’s calculated by dividing the fastened prices by the contribution margin.

Breakeven level (models) = Mounted prices ÷ Contribution margin

Contribution margin: The contribution margin is the distinction between an merchandise’s variable value and its promoting value.

Contribution margin = value of the product – variable prices


Let’s take the identical instance we mentioned above.

Mounted prices = $2400

Contribution margin = 1.25 – $0.5 = 0.75

Breakeven level = $2400/0.75 = $3200

Which means that Neil must generate $3200 in income from promoting the protein dietary supplements to interrupt even.

Greatest break even level calculators


Good calculators

Good Calculators is a free and easy break even calculator.

Good calculators

As well as, it additionally provides a number of different calculators similar to Wage and Earnings Tax Calculator, Depreciation Calculator, Foreign exchange Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, and so on.

Nase – Break Even Evaluation Calculator


That is one other free calculator for calculating break even level. This calculator offers a graphical illustration of the break-even level evaluation and offers a report primarily based in your enter.

Startup Bonsai – Break Even Calculator


This Startupbonsai break even calculator offers the overall variety of models and cash wanted to achieve the break even level.


For an entrepreneur, a breakeven level is a superb software to know if your small business or new product might be well worth the funding or not. The break even evaluation makes it easy and simple to strategize and plan your subsequent steps to make your small business worthwhile.

Nevertheless, calculating it manually generally is a cumbersome process, particularly if you have already got an excessive amount of in your plate. You need to use any of the break even level calculators talked about above that will help you calculate the break even level.

You can even analysis easy methods to calculate working revenue margin.

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