How to Calculate Percent Error [+3 Tools]

The proportion error in a set of information is the distinction between the precise and estimated values ​​in comparison with the unique worth. This share error is expressed as a share and thus multiplied by 100.

You possibly can categorical the p.c error as absolute error or relative error. Errors can happen on account of precision errors in a machine, pc errors, measurement errors or environmental situations.

The error fee helps us decide how important our errors are throughout an evaluation. Extra small share errors imply we’re near the unique worth, whereas extra substantial share errors imply a big discrepancy between the precise worth and the estimated worth.

For instance, an error of two% would imply that we’re very near the unique worth, whereas an error of 56% would imply an enormous distinction between the precise and the estimated worth.

Measurement errors are widespread as palms might shake throughout measurements, devices could also be defective, materials might not be correct, and many others.

Calculation of share errors

To calculate the proportion error, you will need to have two accessible values. One is the precise worth and the second is the estimated worth. Subtract each values ​​after which divide by the unique worth. Because the p.c error is expressed within the type of a share, multiply the quantity thus acquired by 100. In different phrases, the p.c error is the relative error multiplied by 100.

P.c Error = [(Actual Value – Expected Value) / Expected Value] × 100

Parts of the system

True worth: The precise worth signifies the numerical worth of a given measurement. The precise worth ought to have been recorded through the measurement, however on account of some errors, we have been unable to report this worth. It’s a widespread worth that’s ideally suited for performing calculations.

Anticipated worth: The anticipated worth signifies the studying recorded through the experiment. Generally, it doesn’t correspond to the precise worth on account of errors. Errors could be on account of a malfunction within the machine, errors throughout measurement or environmental elements reminiscent of air or damaged and broken devices.

A couple of examples

instance 1

A boy measured the world of ​​a triangle and in accordance with him the measurement was 462 sq. cm. Nonetheless, the sq.’s authentic space is 465 sq. cm. Calculate the proportion error.


Worth of measured space = 462 sq. cm

Worth of precise space = 465 sq. cm


Distinction precise worth – measured worth: 465-462 = 3

So 3 is the measurement error.

Divide the error by the precise worth – 3/465 = 0.00645

Multiply the obtained worth by 100 – 0.00645 X 100 = 0.64%.

Subsequently, the proportion error in calculating the world of ​​a triangle is 0.64%

Instance 2

For instance you have been planning a celebration and an estimated 20 individuals would attend the social gathering, however solely 18 individuals might come. Calculate the proportion error in your estimate.


The initially anticipated variety of individuals = 20

Individuals who got here = 18


Distinction of precise worth – closing worth = 20 – 18 = 2

So 2 is the error right here.

Divide the error by the precise worth – 2/20 = 0.1

Multiply the worth by 100 – 0.1 X 100 = 10%

Subsequently, the proportion error in estimating the variety of visitors is 10%.

Instance 3

Suppose you’re conducting an experiment to measure the boiling level of water, and through the experiment you uncover that the outcomes are 102°C. The precise freezing level of water is 100°C.


The precise boiling level of water = 100°C

The recorded boiling level of water = 102°C


The distinction between the precise worth and the calculated worth = 100 -102 = 2°C (The proportion error can by no means be adverse, so we solely preserve it constructive).

So 2 is the error right here.

Divide the error by the precise worth – 2/100 = 0.02

Multiply the obtained worth by 100 – 0.02 X 100 = 2%

Subsequently, the proportion error in measuring the boiling level of water is 2%.

Actual-world eventualities the place the error fee is necessary

  • The proportion of errors performs an necessary position in figuring out whether or not a specific job you accomplished was enough or not. It helps you level out your errors.
  • The proportion of errors could be helpful in laboratory procedures and huge industries the place there is no such thing as a room for the slightest error.
  • The error fee can also be used when we have to full a bulk order, and there can’t be any margin of error in its completion.
  • In science laboratories, using share errors is important.

P.c error versus absolute error

An absolute error in a measurement is the distinction between the precise and calculated values. The unit of elementary error is identical because the preliminary worth.


Suppose you deliberate to purchase 2 kg of mangoes, however the shopkeeper measured 1.98 kg for you. Absolutely the error on this case is 2 – 1.98 = 0.02.

However, the p.c error is calculated by dividing absolutely the error by the unique worth after which multiplying the reply obtained by 100. The proportion error is a unitless amount.

Within the instance above, the absolute mistake quantities to 0.02.

To calculate the proportion error, we divide it by 20.

0.02/20 = 0.001

The p.c incorrectso on this case 0.001 X 100 = 0.1%.

P.c error versus relative error

The relative error in any calculation is absolutely the error divided by the true worth. Which means the proportion error is the distinction between the true worth and the noticed worth divided by the true worth.


The climate forecast anticipated the temperature to be 38°C at this time. Nonetheless, the temperature rose to 42°C.

First we discover the distinction between the 2 numbers i.e. the anticipated worth and the precise worth.

42° – 38° = 4°C

Now for calculating relative errorwe divide this quantity by the precise quantity, i.e. 38°C

4/38 = 0.1052

However, the p.c error is a relative error multiplied by 100.

Within the instance above, the proportion error is 0.1052 X 100 = 10.52%.

Now it’s possible you’ll discover it fairly straightforward to calculate p.c error, relative error or absolute error.

You can also make p.c error calculations simpler by taking the assistance of a number of on-line p.c error calculators. Now you do not have to marvel tips on how to calculate share error as a result of these calculators can do all of it for you.

Instruments for calculating errors

#1. Calculator soup

The Calculator Soup helps you calculate the proportion error between the experimental worth and the true worth. All you need to do is enter the values ​​and watch for the outcomes. The calculator does all of the calculations itself and offers you correct outcomes.

Calculator soup

The web page shows two completely different columns the place you enter the worth of numbers you need to calculate the p.c error for, and let the calculator do the remainder of the magic.

#2. Calculator.web

Calculator.web has two columns the place you enter the precise and estimated values ​​and let the calculator do the remainder of the calculations. That is helpful if there are many information samples you need to calculate and you do not have the time to calculate the p.c error manually anyway. The calculator simplifies the method and offers you the reply instantly with out a lot delay.

Share of errors are unavoidable. You possibly can solely lower its worth, however there will probably be no incident if the p.c error studying goes to zero. It may be roughly zero, however can by no means be precisely zero.

#3. Good calculators

Many on-line calculators will help you remedy your share error issues. Of those, one of the crucial helpful is the Good Calculators. On this calculator, you simply enter the estimated and authentic worth, and it’ll routinely give the outcomes.

It saves you the effort of doing in depth calculations and saves you time. In depth calculations could be solved rapidly inside seconds and prevent loads of time.

percent error calculator

So a calculator is right for calculating share error when you have got in depth information however are quick on time.


Errors in calculations can fully wreck any undertaking or analysis. Right here you possibly can take the assistance of on-line share error calculators to get the job finished extra effectively and with out human error.

If you’re into finance, you possibly can take a look at a few of these revenue share calculators.

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