How to Generate a Random Quote Using Python?

Studying a quote every day can increase you in a number of features. However it’ll take time to surf the net for quotes day by day. So, how will you save time? We are able to automate that repetitive course of with Python.

Right here we’re going to write a program that retrieves a random quote with out looking out the net.

Earlier than we proceed, we have to set up a package deal referred to as requests to make API calls. Set up it utilizing the next command.

pip set up requests

Let’s have a look at the right way to get the random quote.

Get random quote

We’re going to use the Quote Backyard API to get a random quote. The API to get the random quote is right here.

We now have the API. Now it is time to write code to get the random quote. See the code beneath.

import requests

## operate that will get the random quote
def get_random_quote():
		## making the get request
		response = requests.get("")
		if response.status_code == 200:
			## extracting the core information
			json_data = response.json()
			information = json_data['data']

			## getting the quote from the information
			print("Error whereas getting quote")
		print("One thing went unsuitable! Strive Once more!")


There is no such thing as a want to clarify the code as it’s self-explanatory. You possibly can print the JSON information to see the total information construction.

Comment: the API response information construction could also be up to date sooner or later. So ensure you extract the information accurately.

We efficiently obtained the random quote utilizing Python. Can we enhance it a bit? Sure, you may at all times. You possibly can arrange a cron job to fetch the quote every day at a selected time and put it aside someplace to learn. That’s cool. In case you arrange the cron job, you do not even should run the script day by day to learn a quote :).

Conclusion 👩‍🏫

In case you acquired right here, you most likely acquired the quote of the day. However do not cease right here. Transcend that. You possibly can create a wallpaper with any quote and set it as your desktop background. So day by day there might be one thing new to present you a lift.

That is not all. There are a lot of issues you are able to do after getting a random quote. A few of them ship the quote to your family and friends on WhatsApp, replace the standing on social media handles, put up them on social media handles, and so on. There are not any limits to what you are able to do with it.

Subsequent, construct a tic-tac-toe sport in Python or be taught extra about listing comprehension in Python?

Comfortable coding! 💻

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