How to Setup System Environment Variables in Windows?

Home windows makes use of atmosphere variables to retailer priceless details about system processes, useful resource utilization, file path, and extra.

Let’s learn to set system atmosphere variables in Home windows.

What are atmosphere variables in Home windows?

Surroundings variables assist Home windows arrange a software program atmosphere and act as data containers for all purposes working on the working system. Think about an software that wishes to know the trail to a particular file in your laptop. This system can undergo your complete system and hold looking till it finds the file. A extra modern means is to name the PATH atmosphere variable which comprises the paths to all system recordsdata.

As well as, system atmosphere variables additionally have an effect on the set up of Java Improvement Equipment, Java Runtime Surroundings, and different important software program. Just like the examples above, there’s a plethora of small and prolonged case research of atmosphere variables that usually make Home windows a smoother model of itself.

Sorts of atmosphere variables

Home windows creates and makes use of a number of atmosphere variables, a few of that are user-dependent and others that stay the identical for all customers on a single machine. We will categorize atmosphere variables with consumer dependency as parameter and identify them as system atmosphere variables And consumer atmosphere variables.

Info resembling the placement of an account’s non permanent recordsdata, the placement of your consumer profile, and many others., are saved below consumer variables. Home windows offers the consumer account the appropriate to edit the consumer variables, however different consumer accounts can’t edit them.

As well as, Home windows contains system atmosphere variables created by the working system, applications, drivers, and extra. You can not modify the system atmosphere variables, however Home windows supplies the flexibility to switch the values ​​of the consumer atmosphere variables.

Strategies for setting system atmosphere variables in Home windows

There are a number of methods to set system atmosphere variables in Home windows. Whereas the command line strategies stay unchanged for all Home windows variations, the GUI primarily based strategies differ barely for various Home windows variations. Let’s take a deep have a look at all these strategies.

GUI primarily based strategies

The GUI-based strategies embody utilizing the Begin menu search, Run window, and Settings menu to regulate system atmosphere variables. Let’s examine how one can entry the GUI from completely different Home windows variations.

Steps for Home windows 11

Click on on the Begin menu and seek for ‘atmosphere variables’.

The choice “Edit the system atmosphere variables” seems within the search outcomes. Click on on the identical and Home windows 11 will show the record of all atmosphere variables.

Steps for Home windows 10

Go to settings and open the ‘About’ menu.

Now go to ‘Superior system settings’. The System Properties dialog field ought to seem in your display.

Click on the ‘Superior’ tab and choose ‘Surroundings Variables’. Home windows 10 now shows the complete record of consumer and system variables saved in your laptop.

Use the Run window

Press Home windows + R to discover the Run window.

Now enter the next command:

rundll32.exe sysdm.cpl,EditEnvironmentVariables

system environment variable

All of those strategies ought to open the record of all atmosphere variables, categorized into separate sections for consumer and system atmosphere variables. You possibly can create new consumer variables, edit the present ones, or delete them from the identical dialog.

Steps to create a brand new atmosphere variable

Click on the “New” choice within the Surroundings Variables dialog field.

Now enter the identify of the variable and its worth below the respective columns and press OK.

Creating the JAVA_HOME atmosphere variable is a important step in putting in Java Improvement Equipment. So let’s create the JAVA_HOME variable and confirm its existence later. Click on the New choice and enter “JAVA_HOME” because the variable identify. Additionally enter the set up path for the JDK because the variable worth for JAVA_HOME.

The JAVA_HOME variable is now seen within the record of all atmosphere variables, with the variable worth as the trail to the JDK. You possibly can confirm this by going to the “edit system variable” settings, and the JAVA_HOME variable ought to be there.

Steps to edit atmosphere variables

Click on on the atmosphere variable you wish to edit and hit the “Edit” choice.

Now enter the identify of the variable and its worth and hit the OK button.

Now let’s edit the JAVA_HOME variable we simply created and alter its worth to a different listing. Click on on the variable and choose the “Edit” choice. Now enter one other variable worth to interchange the earlier worth and click on OK.

Once more, you possibly can confirm the modified worth on the atmosphere variable record.

The up to date variable is current within the record of consumer variables.

Steps to take away atmosphere variables

Click on the atmosphere variable you wish to delete.

Now hit the “Delete” choice and hit OK.

For example, let’s delete the JAVA_HOME variable we lately modified. Choose the variable after which press “Delete” and “OK”. The chosen variable is faraway from the variable record.

The JAVA_HOME variable is faraway from the record.

Command immediate methodology

You need to use the command immediate or Home windows PowerShell to set atmosphere variables. First, let’s have a look at methods to use the Command Immediate methodology.

View the atmosphere variables

Open the command immediate in Home windows.

Now enter “set” and press Enter. You possibly can see the complete record of atmosphere variables with none categorization, in contrast to the GUI primarily based methodology.

Create new atmosphere variables

Open the command immediate.

Use the next syntax utilizing the setx command and press Enter:

setx [variable_name] “[variable_value]”

[variable_name] represents the identify of the variable you wish to enter.

[variable_value] represents the worth for the newly created variable.

For instance, let’s create a “TEST_VARIABLE” with the worth “XYZ” after which confirm its existence utilizing the command immediate. We use the next command:


Congratulations! You may have simply created a brand new consumer variable utilizing the command immediate. Now let’s confirm its existence. Use the “set” command to view the record of all variables.

Home windows PowerShell methodology

PowerShell offers you extra flexibility with the atmosphere variables and allows you to view, edit and create them, however they’re solely legitimate for one PowerShell session. The variable record returns to its unique kind as quickly as you shut a PowerShell session.

View system variables

Open the Home windows PowerShell.

Now enter the next command:

Get-ChildItem Env:

Home windows PowerShell shows the complete record of atmosphere variables.

The atmosphere variables should not categorized below system and consumer variables, however you should use the next instructions to view solely system variables utilizing PowerShell:


In any other case, you should use the next command to view solely the consumer atmosphere variables:


Create and edit atmosphere variables

You possibly can edit and create new atmosphere variables utilizing the built-in $env variable. Use the next command to create a brand new variable utilizing PowerShell:

$env:Variable_name = 'Variable_value'

Right here Variable_name represents the identify of the newly created atmosphere variable, and variable_value represents its worth.

For example, let’s create one other take a look at variable TEST_VARIABLE after which confirm its existence. We use the next command within the PowerShell:


We additionally confirmed the variable worth for TEST_VARIABLE utilizing the next code:


PowerShell exhibits the output for the TEST_VARIABLE variable as [ABC].

As well as, it’s also possible to modify the worth for an current atmosphere worth utilizing the next command:

$env:Variable_name = ';Variable_value2'

This could add the newly named worth to the unique worth for the atmosphere variable.

Conclusion 🧑‍💻

Creating and modifying system atmosphere variables is essential to controlling applications and utilizing their performance. Home windows offers you GUI primarily based and command line choices to do the identical. The GUI primarily based strategies are easy and simple to observe. Then again, the command line strategies are quicker however extra difficult.

Now you possibly can monitor MySQL system variables for prime efficiency.

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